English Course Offerings
boys studying a book while girl looks on

A centerpiece to the curriculum at Peddie, the English coursework focuses on developing critical reading skills. You'll be exposed to vigorous classroom discussions among intellectually and emotionally engaged peers, in a setting where love of language and a love of ideas is valued. English department faculty design their own one-term elective courses annually.

Required coursework

  • Grade 9: Humanities
  • Grade 10: Literature and Composition
  • Grade 11: AP English Literature
  • Grades 12 and PG:
    • Senior Seminar in Contemporary Literature: “The Undiscovered Country”
    • Senior Seminar in Contemporary Literature: “Reckless Libertines”


  • Anna Karenina: A Comprehensive Study of Tolstoy's Masterpiece
  • Writing Children’s Literature
  • Bimaadiziwin: Living Well the Indigenous Way
  • College 101: Issues and Debates in American Higher Education
  • Contemporary Plays and Playwriting
  • Human Noir: A Comparative Study in Hitchcock and Nabokov
  • In This Distracted Globe
  • I Start With Her: A Seminar on Toni Morrison
  • Modern Comic Theory
  • Navigating "The Influencing Machine" - Truth, Power, and Trust in the Media
  • Tolkien's Lord of the Rings - a Cinematic and Literary Journey
  • Paths to Knowledge: Educational Quests, Odysseys and Adventures
  • The Ups and Downs of Immortality
Student reads from the play Hamlet outside of Annenberg on a snowy day

It is a nipping and an eager air, but not too cold for Matt Roach's English class to stage a reading of Hamlet during a gorgeous snowfall.