Photo gallery: Look inside the Izzo Design Laboratory
Design class in Izzo Lab

Step 1: The design studio. Students are taught 2D/3D CAD to design, develop and fabricate projects.

Students work with Mr. Meredith in Izzo Design Lab

The workspace in the design studio allows students to collaborate and begin building. The Izzo Design Laboratory is open to all classes across disciplines and is even available for students to work on individual projects outside of class.

Students operate tools in engineering studio of Izzo Design Lab

Step 2:The engineering studio. The engineering studio houses 3D printers and a CNC laser, mill, router and lathe. Most of the machines are controlled by computers (CNC stands for computer numerical control), so instead of having to operate them by hand, students learn how to program the machines to make parts for them. This allows them to focus on product design (analysis, functionality, aesthetics, etc.) and opens up the complexity of parts that can be made, training future engineers, designers and problem solvers.

Students and teacher test robot in Izzo Design Lab

Step 3: Testing Studio. On the second floor of the Izzo Design Lab, prototypes come to life. The 1,000 square-foot room is an open space that allows students to test, trouble-shoot and problem-solve as their robots begin to come to life.