Living in a dorm is all about the small moments
Peddie dorm life


By Alexa '22

As a boarder at Peddie, there are so many small moments with my roommate, my dorm neighbors, and my dorm faculty that make up some of my best memories at Peddie. These moments that you have with each other might seem insignificant when they are happening, but when you look back at them they hold a lot of meaning. 

Most nights in the dorm I could be found chatting with the faculty on duty or getting help with my homework. The stories they share about their lives and the lessons they’ve learned throughout the years are incredible. One faculty member told me one night about how they used to work with policemen and photograph actual crime scenes! 

I can still remember the inside jokes our dorm would share, the debates we’d have whether or not ghosts were real (I’m convinced they are), and the talks the dorm would have in the lounge during Saturday night dorm food.  

When I was a Sophomore, my entire dorm threw our dorm supervisor a baby shower. We all happily took part in blowing up balloons and putting up streamers. Of course I remember Mrs.Harkel’s shocked face when we surprised her, but I’ll also never forget the planning and the excitement the people in my dorm and I shared surrounding the baby shower. Even though l moved into a different dorm once the year was over, I know the bond that I’ve created with my dormmates and dorm faculty is unbreakable and will always stay with me. I know I can always go to and count on these people for anything.