Student review: 5 best things about Peddie's hometown

Melissa ’19 knows why Peddie’s home is aces.

1. Location location location

Hightstown is a small town at about 1.2 square miles, but everyone always says great things come in small packages. Located between New York City and the Jersey Shore, quaint Hightstown is one of the most central locations in New Jersey. This gives Peddie students the best of both worlds, whether your happy place is seeing shows and shopping in the city or relaxing by the water.

Not only is Hightstown the perfect distance between places but it has the cutest little downtown which provides almost every essential need for Peddie students. Target is a five-minute shuttle ride away, Princeton is fifteen and the downtown is merely a short walk. Convenience is key, and that is exactly what Peddie’s location offers.

Map of New Jersey

Centrally-located Hightstown is home to national franchises and independent shops, and close to shopping and the beach.

2. Food!

The most popular spot in Hightstown to eat is definitely Mannino’s which has pizza, the most famous slice being pasta pizza. There is also Taco Rito, Morgan’s Island Grill, Tavern on the Lake, Ralph’s Water Ice, Hightstown Diner, Hot Bagels, Four Seasons Deli and two small convenience stores. Plus a Panera Bread, Chipotle and Sushi King within online ordering distance. My personal favorites are Four Seasons Deli and Tavern on the Lake. Four Seasons makes amazing food. Their panini with sweet potato fries is to die for while Tavern has the best burger around. (P.S. every Wednesday is burger night!) There are so many options that you can never get bored eating anywhere.

Hot Bagels in downtown Hightstown

Hot Bagels in downtown Hightstown is a Peddie student favorite.

3. Peddie Lake

While swimming in it is pretty much reserved for triathletes in training, Peddie Lake offers so much to our community. The water is so calm and accessible from campus or downtown. Sometimes you see people fishing in it while other times I’ve seen people in full-body suits training in it. In some science classes, students use water samples from the lake for testing and investigating what is in Peddie’s own backyard. The best thing about Peddie Lake though is the tranquility it offers to everyone who sits by it. Some of my best days at Peddie consisted of ordering food and just sitting by the water to eat by myself. It is gorgeous to admire and definitely a highlight Hightstown has to offer.

Peddie Lake in Hightstown

Peddie Lake in Hightstown is a great place for students to relax.

4. People

The people who embody Hightstown are what truly make it a welcoming community. Everyone knows who the Peddie kids are and are always willing to spark up a conversation whether it be about where you’re from or what’s happening on campus that week. I can’t remember one time I had an unpleasant encounter with someone from Hightstown. Not only do you have the people in town surrounding you but you have your Peddie family which of course is filled with the best kinds of people.

5. Peddie (duh)

Last but certainly not least, one of the best things about Hightstown is Peddie. Peddie’s primary goal is to see everyone succeed as a student and as a developing person. Because of that the support system Peddie provides is unbelievable. As a new student there is definitely an adjustment period; classes are challenging and managing your time is key, but once you do there is nothing like it. I know it is completely cheesy to say, but Peddie students and faculty truly become a second family. Whether you are a day student or boarder, I am sure you will feel embraced by the community. Between classes, the dining hall, sports, advisors, teachers, coaches, the theater, Peddie traditions, chapel, Saturday night activities, family style, and everything else in between, there is no place as well-rounded and welcoming.