Meet a teacher: Creating critical consumers of information

Alison Hogarth is the chair of the history department.

"I grew up on a boarding school campus, so I’ve been surrounded by teachers all of my life,” said Alison Hogarth, history teacher and department chair. “I had intended on going to law school after college but thought I would try teaching temporarily. I loved it so much, I never looked back.” Since then, she has obtained two master’s degrees: one in political science and one in American history.

Hogarth has been a part of Peddie’s community since 2006 and has taught AP Government, AP U.S. History, Intro to Government and Intro to Law. She became head of the history department in 2017. “My favorite Peddie experiences are in the classroom. I love talking with my students and getting them to think about ideas in different ways, and encouraging them to share their experiences with others.”

In the classroom, Hogarth’s students study the electoral process, political parties and the media’s influence on public opinion. Her AP Government students take on projects where they interact with members of their community to gauge opinion on election issues. They hold mock debates, presentations on non-partisan policy and school-wide mock elections.

“My number one priority is to help my students become critical consumers of information and consider the credibility of the content they consume,” said Hogarth. “In that vein, I think it would be disingenuous of me to pretend that I don’t have opinions. I’m upfront with my students. I let them know that implicit bias exists and that it’s important to make sure that all voices and viewpoints are heard.”

Alison Hogarth teaching history