Why I chose boarding school


From her first moment on campus, tour guide Mimi Brick '24 knew that Peddie was the place for her. Four years later, she thinks it might be the place for you too.

When I walked onto Peddie’s campus for the first time, I immediately saw myself here. It was a breezy, sunny fall day and the campus could not be more picturesque. I was only in seventh grade, but I knew I would enjoy myself here. I was visiting my cousin, a senior, and seeing her life only made me want to come here more. Her friend, a tour guide, gave me my own tour around campus. When she showed me her room and how she was living with all her friends, I saw how they were like a little family in their dorm. Everyone I met was super welcoming and there were people in all corners and lawns of the campus. I loved seeing people on center campus enjoying the sun and fall weather. I could see myself sitting there with them – I smiled – and that’s when I knew I would love it here.

Growing up in New York City, I always loved coming to New Jersey and getting to be outside in the fresh air. As an only child, I was also eager to meet new kids my age. When I learned I could both go to school and live with a group of people my age, I jumped at the chance. I dreamed of having a roommate and talking all the time, doing homework together, and decorating our room. I have always been an independent person, and this would give me the chance to build my independence. There wasn’t any part of boarding school I wasn’t excited about. I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself.

Despite my excitement to start at a boarding school, I started having doubts. I was nervous that I had made the wrong decision and that I would regret it. What if I didn’t meet “my people”? What if the classes were too hard to balance with homesickness? But I was determined to try what I had been dreaming about since seventh grade and I decided to give it a chance.

When I stepped onto campus freshman year, I was nervous, but excited. Even though there were setbacks, it didn’t stop me from having a great year filled with friends and fun. Peddie surprised me. Although it was what I was expecting from a boarding school, I learned Peddie had so much more to offer. I found niche clubs, met people from all backgrounds, and tried so many new things! I both learned how to hold myself accountable for doing my homework, and learned how to do my own laundry. I made friends from all different classes and activities. Through all of these new experiences, my anxieties subsided – I knew boarding school was right for me.

Now it’s my last year on campus and I’m so grateful for how much I’ve learned over my years here and couldn’t be more excited for the year ahead. I truly felt like I’ve met my people, and through this community, I have grown into myself. I couldn't ask for better friends or a more unique experience than the one I’ve had at Peddie. There is truly no other place like it, and certainly no other community that compares!