Student-organized golf tournament benefits underprivileged children

By Nikita Dahiya ’21

This summer, I organized a golf fundraiser to benefit the New Jersey-based Women’s Rehabilitation Group (WRG). WRG supports women and children in India who are living in extreme poverty by giving them access to education and training. 

I first heard of WRG through my aunt, who is directly involved in the organization. She informed me that WRG recently launched its initiative to support the Sannadhi Primary School in Jaipur, India. Originally the school consisted of 30 students in Pre-K to first grade, but due to increased demand over the past year, there are now 80 students enrolled at the school. 

Students at the Sannadhi Primary School

Students at the Sannadhi Primary School in Jaipur, India will receive additional resources thanks to a fundraiser organized by Nikita Dahiya ’21.

I decided that I wanted to support this initiative in any way that I could. Lack of education is a major problem for many people in communities near the school. Providing educational opportunities for these children is one way to help them on the path to a successful and productive future. 

The annual cost of running Sannadhi Primary School is $20,000. I focused my fundraising efforts on raising money for school meals, books and stationery, and student uniforms. I decided to host a golf fundraiser at the Peddie Golf Club because it combined two things I am passionate about: golf and philanthropy. 

There were two tournaments at the July 20 event, an 18-hole individual tournament for experienced players and a 9-hole best ball team tournament, as well as a putting and a long drive contest. Many Peddie students and parents attended the event, despite the high temperatures. It was amazing to see so much support from the Peddie community!

Organizing a fundraiser was much harder than I anticipated. I assumed that the hardest task would be to convince people to attend the event. However, the hardest part was figuring out logistics like fees, arranging teams and developing a budget for food and awards.

Nikita Dahiya ’21 and Pranit Aggarwal ’21

Event organizer Nikita Dahiya ’21 and Pranit Aggarwal ’21 hold a poster signed by event attendees.

My classmate Pranit Aggarwal ’21 helped me in the planning and organizing of this event. He advised me about important financial decisions and organizing various competitions. Since it was so hot on the day of the event (temperatures soared past 100 degrees), Pranit and I rode around in golf carts to provide refreshments for the golfers to keep them hydrated. 

After the golf activities, all were invited to the clubhouse to celebrate. There I addressed the attendees and provided them with specific details about how their contributions will make a positive impact on the lives of the children at the Sannadhi Primary School.

The event raised more than $3,000 for the children at Sannadhi Primary School. Thanks to everyone’s support, we can help these children have access to quality education that will hopefully be a step toward a successful future. 

Nikita Dahiya ’21

Nikita Dahiya ’21 is a day student from East Windsor, NJ. She is a member of the Peddie golf team, mock trial and Chinese Club, serves on the chapel advisory committee and is active in Peddie theater.