Here's why you'll love Wednesdays at Peddie

Dark, chilly mornings have many people reaching for the snooze button. Which is why Peddie made a modest, yet impactful change to its schedule:

Every three weeks all year round, students get to SLEEP IN!

“The darker days of winter can be a grind,” said Catherine Rodrigue, associate head of school. “Including Late Start Wednesdays in our schedule is a ‘pick me up.’”

Rodrigue collaborates with faculty to develop a thoughtful class schedule that considers the general health and well-being of students. Classes begin one hour later on Late Start Wednesdays, which occur every three weeks, alternating with Community Meeting and advisor/advisee meetings. The modest change seems to be a lift for our community.

What Peddie students have to say about Late Start Wednesdays

Students love Late Start Wednesdays, and have even dubbed them “Wonderful Wednesdays.”

Christine Markey '20

“They’re perfect to get caught up on sleep so I can feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. And, if there is unfinished work to do, I have extra time in the morning to complete it.”
-Christine Markey '20

Dennis Zhang '20 Peddie School

“Recently, due to the change in weather, it has been much harder to get out of bed. So being able to get an extra hour of sleep is very beneficial to my morning routine and health.”
-Dennis Zhang '20

What Peddie faculty have to say about Late Start Wednesdays

The enthusiasm for Late Start Wednesdays is not limited to students. Faculty also appreciate the late starts and many teachers see the positive effect these special days have on their students.

“I love Late Start Wednesdays for our students,” said Matt Roach, English department chair. “On these days kids are especially alert and energetic during our first-period class."

Peddie faculty say that students have increased energy on Late Start Wednesdays.

English Department Chair Matt Roach and his colleagues have observed increased energy in their students on Late Start Wednesdays.

Shani Peretz, chair of the science department, enjoys late starts because they “enable students to catch up on their rest or their homework or their favorite TV show. Everyone gets to their class a little bit happier on Late Start Wednesdays.”

“Variety is the spice of life,” said Tim Corica, math teacher. “Peddie students and teachers work so hard that even little breaks feel big … an extra hour in the morning is a noticeable difference in the pace of the day.”

Rodrigue said that the positive reaction from the community is “evidence of the morale boost these days provide.”

“There is merit to changing up the routine, and these days accomplish that,” she said.

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