Going the distance

Peddie’s ability to move quickly to online learning in the face of a global health crisis is a sign of our community’s innovation, and our faculty’s extraordinary skills and commitment. Some of these remarkable faculty are profiled here. 

Catherine Rodrigue, Associate Head of School

As associate head of school, Catherine Rodrigue sets the direction of Peddie’s curriculum. Her expertise has been instrumental in ensuring instructional continuity as Peddie temporarily transitions to distance learning. 

Ryan Bennett, Director of Technology

From research and implementation to tutorials and problem-solving, tech director Ryan Bennett delivers the vital school-wide support for connected learning.

Laura Hoffman, Math Teacher

An experienced online educator, Laura Hoffman credits two factors for Peddie’s seamless and rapid transition: the community’s high comfort level with technology and the intensive practice of collaboration among the faculty. 

Craig Dale, Visual Arts Teacher

Transitioning the Peddie classroom experience to the webcam is a challenge - one that Craig Dale is confident the the community is ready for.