Reflections, profiles and news from Peddie School

Mia Huang '22 and drama teacher Mark Cirnigliaro

Surprising personal discoveries for a first-year day student and new drama teacher as they recap their first year at Peddie.

Meredith Lipman celebrating on Blair Day

When Meredith Lipman '19 was accepted to multiple boarding schools, she had a big decision ahead of her. Here's how she decided that Peddie was the place for her.

What's old is new again

You know the story -- we finish our labors to begin them anew. This school year, we began our labors anew with a new (but familiar) graphic identity for Peddie, a visual story-telling of our favorite tale

Top 11 Dorm Essentials

If it’s your first time living away from home, it’s hard to know what to pack.  Fortunately, tour guide Marissa Boice ’20 has your back. Here are her top 12 dorm essentials (that you haven’t thought of yet)!

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