Peddie-Blair Reception
Peddie School vs. Blair Academy. It’s a classic rivalry, as enduring as the one between the Hatfields and the McCoys or cats and dogs. But what’s the point of having the oldest football rivalry in New Jersey if you don’t get together to celebrate it once in a while?
On Wednesday night, we did just that with the Peddie – Blair Reception. Alumni and friends from both Peddie and Blair – including Peddie Headmaster Peter Quinn and Blair Head of School Christopher Fortunato – gathered to celebrate Blair Week in style at Sunset Terrace at Chelsea Piers.
“This is an amazing opportunity for Peddie and Blair to celebrate our shared history,” said Peter Quinn. “It’s a history based in competition, but that competition has spurred us both to greater excellence and stronger communities. I’m so proud that our two schools have such an intense and storied rivalry, but can still come together in celebration. I don’t think there are many schools that can say that.”