The First International Food Fair

by Himma Aklilu '21

Himma, a freshman at Peddie, describes her first International Food fair at Peddie, as both a food-preparer and a consumer!

The International Food Fair was truly an enlightening experience.

At Peddie, especially because it is a boarding school, I sometimes feel alienated from the world around me. The Food Fair not only let me experience other cultures, it helped me express my heritage through food!

Walking in at first felt overwhelming because of the various flags and representatives from almost every culture in the community. Eating food from each country truly got me to experience different cultures. Some countries had bold and spicy flavors like Ethiopia, while others had sweet and savory dishes like the Philippines. It was great to see how open the Peddie community was, with everyone clustering at each table and coming back for seconds. Not only did people eat the food, but they asked questions about the food. This ranged from the different spices that are home to that country or simply how it is made or eaten.

Participating in the International Food Fair allowed me to meet new people, whether that was by informing them about my country or just going around and talking to people from other tables. I also enjoyed cooking with a faculty member because I feel as though the culture of the food and cooking brought us closer.

I can honestly say I am thankful that the International Food Fair was organized and I look forward to being a part of it for the next three years!

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