A Little Science Among Friends

By Kylie Heering '19, Victoria DiStephano '19, and Gemma Rowland-King '19

Have you heard of “tree man” syndrome? How about the string theory? What are your thoughts on human evolution?

For as long as we can remember, we’ve wondered about these kinds of things. But it wasn’t until we got to Peddie that we found friends who shared a similar curiosity about science.

Coming from very different backgrounds, we started a friendship talking about things - as girls do - like school, family, and everything in between. There was one topic, however, that never dulled: science. Afternoons in the library became tell-alls about the latest article we had found, discussions over dinner revolved around conversations about the theory of relativity, human evolution, “Tree Man,” and anything else we could come up with.

We figured that there were more students at Peddie who shared our passion for scientific discussion. Science Weekly’s principal goal is to establish a community of students and faculty willing to expand their minds and converse about science on all levels: personal, global and universal. Primarily, Science Weekly hopes to provide the incentive to talk about the ethical issues in science, as many ethical issues are relevant to modern scientific developments. From GMOs to time travel, there is a lot to discuss!

Whereas science classes must adhere to a curriculum, we created Science Weekly so that going on tangents would be stimulated and supported. Two of us are members of Peddie’s EXP program, which requires a strong grasp on the current condition of the science world. Reading through primary literature has forced us to delve deeper into scientific research and has supplied us with a strong background to comprehend scientific topics. Now, we hope to apply our own knowledge to help others see beyond the surface level of science.

In summary, academia is sometimes forgotten about in the world of clubs and extracurricular activities; most people associate it solely with the classroom environment. That’s where Science Weekly comes in. Our aim is to foster an environment where people can enjoy, and feel comfortable expressing their love for science!