15 reasons why Peddie's library rocks
Peddie's Walter H. Annenberg '27 Library is a great place to study, collaborate or relax. Did you know that the library ...
1. is open 7 days a week?
2. has an amazing fiction collection?
3. has a growing collection of graphic novels and manga?
4. has one of the best collection of electronic databases in any high school in America?
5. has digital cameras, camcorders, and GoPros that you can check out just like a book?
6. has comfortable headphones that you borrow from the front desk?
7. has a printer, a color printer and a photocopier that you can use for free (they are always on and always full of paper and toner)?
8. has two study rooms that you can use for group work?

Peddie Annenberg Library Rocks

9. has a collection of fascinating rare books on display?
10. has study carrels on the ground floor that you can "bunker down" in and get some serious studying done?
11. can get you nearly any book that you want?
12. keeps back issues of most magazines and newspapers?
13. has a nice conference room on the ground floor that you can reserved for college interviews?
14. has a friendly, professional staff that will help you find the information you need, even if it's not for class?
15. is the best place on campus to do your research, get your work done, and meet up with friends?