The class I thought I’d hate … but didn’t

Peddie changed Toby Bickford's '20 opinion on this subject.

Throughout middle school, the most challenging class for me was always world language whether it was French or Spanish. I thought I would have the same challenges at Peddie, but the language department here is different and offers something I never expected.

The language classes at Peddie are not just lectures and grammar lessons. We also learn about different Spanish-speaking cultures. Recently, we watched videos of the running of the bulls using VR headsets (see photo).

Mr. Ruiz makes learning about the Spanish language and culture fun. And he encourages class participation.

The classes are also very active, and the teachers that I have had make learning fun. We play games like Kahoot to practice vocab and different grammar rules. On top of this students are encouraged to participate in class. Because of this, I have developed a better understanding of Spanish, and I am more confident in speaking the language. My grades have improved as well.  

I thought that Spanish was going to be my least favorite class at Peddie because of my previous struggles. It turns out it’s one of my favorite subjects. I enjoy going to class and participate as much as I can. I have learned that this can be the case with many courses at Peddie. Every student has a perspective or idea about a subject before they first take it or even after the first couple of classes, but often these perspectives change throughout the year because of Peddie faculty’s excellent teaching.

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Peddie student author Toby Bickford '20



Toby Bickford ’20 is a Blue Key tour guide and member of the Peddie soccer and lacrosse teams. He loves Spanish class!