Strategic Priorities for the Next Generation


What kind of school do we want Peddie to be in 20 years?

Inspired by the confidence of our motto, "We finish our labors to begin them anew," in 20 years we want Peddie to serve its students as well or better than it is now. Looking ahead from a position of strength, and proud of Peddie's culture of innovation and improvement, our strategic plan supports that culture and inspires continued progress. Considering our opportunities, our record of innovation, the challenges facing independent education, the changing expectations of families and colleges, we have established four strategic priorities and the implementation steps needed to achieve them. We are committed to these historically important Peddie hallmarks: transformational education, outstanding teaching, curricular innovation and enrollment of students with the greatest excitement, curiosity and character.

Building upon 25 years of successful innovation, Peddie is uniquely positioned to begin our labors anew.

Finimus pariter renovamusque labores: We finish our labors to begin them anew.


Strategic Priority #1: Excellence

Enhance Peddie's excellence in transformational education.

Inspiring intellectual excellence. Striving for the highest quality of citizenship.

These two concepts form the bedrock of transformational education - the heart of Peddie. We will promote excellent classroom teaching, support continual curricular innovation, and challenge our students to be citizens who improve their communities each day.

We believe that Peddie transforms students into more thoughtful and responsible citizens, and that this transformational nature of a Peddie experience - both real and perceived - is the most important determinant of our continued success.

Therefore, we recommit to hiring and retaining an exceptional faculty. We will help each other use our expertise and experience to teach, coach, advise, celebrate, and finally inspire our students. In the science lab, on stage, and through life all over campus, this focus prepares our students for a lifetime of joyfully seeking new challenges and making a positive difference in whatever communities they join.

It is through this experience that our students grow, by this calling that our faculty are inspired, and because of this mandate that Peddie thrives.

We dedicate ourselves to enhancing the heart of Peddie: our excellence in transformational education. This is our first goal and our most important work: our students' intellectual excellence and their search for "the highest quality of citizenship."

Objective 1

Continue to attract, develop and retain the highest quality faculty
to ensure ongoing excellence in classroom teaching.
For me, the Peddie experience will always be the teachers and staff; their dedication and love of learning and teaching is unparalleled.Jen Lombardo '09

Action steps

  • Evaluate goals for faculty compensation.
  • Foster collaborative and individual professional faculty development initiatives.
  • Support faculty retention.
  • Establish measurable goals for increasing the diversity of teaching faculty.
  • Embrace opportunities to showcase classroom talents.

Objective 2

Continue our commitment to curricular innovation, with a near-term focus on:

  • Expanding the Signature Experience program to two-thirds of the graduating class by Academic Year 2022
  • Providing opportunities for inter- and intra-departmental collaboration
  • Cultivating in our students the skills, habits and attitudes necessary for success, such as: problem solving, independence, resilience, flexibility, distinguishing among multiple versions of truth, and collaboration
I had a conviction that creative coding not only broadened the appeal of computer science, but also made it possible to reach all students. I wanted to help develop a high school curriculum infused throughout with computational thinking. Mark Sawula, Math Department Faculty

Action steps

  • Develop a staffing and logistics plan, including an evaluation of the school schedule and calendar, to support the expansion of the Signature Experience.
  • Support faculty collaboration and, where appropriate, team-teaching to maximize the talent and creativity of the faculty.

Form a faculty research and development committee to evaluate internal and research external science, mathematics and technology (STM) programs, particularly in regard to pedagogical practices and STM curriculum with the goal of further enhancing student learning through increased integration/coordination between these disciplines.

Objective 3

Strive for the highest quality of citizenship, with a near-term focus on:

  • Engaging students in meaningful participation in an intentionally diverse residential community where adults mentor them in the classroom, in the residential programs, and in co-curricular programs
  • Preparing students for engagement in life beyond Peddie with the inclination to make a positive difference in their communities
  • Developing students' independent decision-making, collaboration and leadership skills.
Peddie made me appreciate human interaction, knowledge and cultural experiences more than I ever could have imagined. It's a place that builds students up by encouraging them to push themselves and question what they are capable of. Scout Zabinski '16

Action Steps

  • Identify institutional priorities for the nature of our community and define "diversity" at Peddie across all axes.
  • Dedicate communal professional development time for faculty to conduct research (i.e. childhood development, teaching practices, innovative uses of current technology).
  • Evaluate best practices in the measurement of student performance; encourage and support changes to assessment as needed.
  • Identify student leadership opportunities.
  • Integrate citizenship into residential, advising, and student activities programming.
  • Demonstrate success in the transformational experience of a Peddie education utilizing targeted surveys of current students and alumni and other measurable metrics.

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Strategic Priority #2: Access

Sustain the remarkable strengths of Peddie's intentionally crafted community through expanded access to Peddie and its multiple educational opportunities.

Peddie seeks to increase our commitment to access and opportunity through expanded financial assistance, ensuring our ability to shape a student body that embodies the school’s mission and values.

The greatest impact of Ambassador Annenberg’s gift in 1993 was that it allowed Peddie to attract and enroll the best and brightest students regardless of financial circumstances.

Enrolling students of diverse talents and backgrounds who contribute their strengths to the shared experience of our remarkable learning community is critical for the future success of Peddie.

Peddie will grow its endowment by launching a comprehensive campaign with over 50 percent of its goal dedicated to financial aid endowment, to both continue and honor the commitment of Ambassador Annenberg.

Over the next ten years, Peddie will increase its financial aid through a combination of the initiatives listed below, with the goal of raising financial support for over 45% of students.


Commit to a substantial comprehensive campaign
to increase endowed resources to support access and opportunity.
I am beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to attend such a wonderful institution. Peddie formed me into the young woman I am today through my relationships with peers as well as teachers, dorm faculty and coaches. Lauren Wieder '15

Action Steps

  • Increase endowed resources in support of Peddie student opportunities such as the Signature Experience program, athletics, arts and other experiential education opportunities.
  • Expand the planned giving program.

Conduct a feasibility study to test a comprehensive campaign to grow the endowment for tuition assistance.

Strategic Priority #3: Fiscal Sustainability

Commit to Peddie's long-term financial sustainability

Peddie will thrive for many generations to come.

It is the obligation of the Board of Trustees to assure that future generations of Peddie students inherit the same (or even greater) resources than are available to today’s students. Since the Annenberg Gift of $100 million nearly a quarter century ago, Peddie has had the discipline to maintain – even expand – the real value of the endowment and campus, a duty that we hold sacrosanct.

Peddie will continue to steward all of the school's resources responsibly to secure its future.

Peddie will use ever-more transparent planning assumptions to assure financial stability.

Objective 1

Preserve the real value of the endowment and campus in perpetuity.
It is our obligation to assure that future generations of Peddie students inherit the same resources - or greater resources - as those available to today's students. Since the Annenberg gift, Peddie has held sacrosanct the duty of maintaining and, when possible, expanding the real value of the endowment and the school campus. Strategic Planning Committee

Action Steps

Develop a ten-year campus plan for physical plant priorities that complements the existing Campus Master Plan.

Cover the school's physical plant depreciation through the establishment of appropriate budget allocations to a reserve fund for campus improvements.

Formalize conservative rules for determining annual endowment spending with the goal of preserving the real value of the endowment.

Set the appropriate level of investment risk and a target rate for investment return for the endowment.

Objective 2

Maintain the size and quality of our domestic boarding student population, thereby enriching the residential community, a critical part of the transformational educational experience.
Peddie's ability to provide students with an exceptional and transformative educational experience is dependent upon having a thriving residential community, for which domestic boarding students are the critical. Therefore, maintaining a vibrant domestic boarding population is an issue of long-term financial sustainability. Strategic Planning Committee

Action steps

  • Craft recruitment and yield strategies to insure a thriving residential community.
  • Develop an appropriate set of metrics for monitoring the quality and quantity of the school's domestic boarding population.

Objective 3

Adopt a high-level strategic financial planning process that looks out ten-years, maintaining our commitment to maximizing the school's operating efficiency.

Great schools thrive over generations, and Peddie must make decisions within that long-term context. Strategic Planning Committee

Action steps

Peddie will implement a ten-year financial planning process to assure that all near-term financial decisions are sustainable, and to provide long-term policy objectives to such key decisions as annual tuition increases.

Create a ten year financial model to guide fiscal planning.

Implement a long-term budget planning process.

Objective 4

Grow the Peddie Fund by 8% annually between 2018-2021.
Between family style dinners, events like Blair Day and weekly visits to my advisor, Peddie fostered a community that continues to be tight-knit and resilient. Peddie teaches students that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Jacqueline Alfano '09

Action steps

  • Create a multi-year development plan to grow the Peddie Fund.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to engage alumni with Peddie.
Strategic Priority #4: Our Story

Better inform a broader constituency of the transformational nature of the Peddie experience

It has always been at the core of our work to “finish our labors to begin them anew.”

Peddie School has come further than its founders could have dreamed when that phrase first appeared in the 1800s. This remarkable school that values excellence and access deserves to be more widely known so that future generations shall, too, marvel at how far it has come. We are obligated to tell our story more boldly to attract and enroll students who best fit our mission and values.

Peddie will craft a messaging strategy that accurately conveys the transformational nature of a Peddie education and demonstrates the value of that experience.

We commit to a comprehensive and consistent marketing and communications strategy to tell the Peddie story more boldly and broadly.

Peddie's brand will be more widely recognized and equated with our skill in educating students and transforming young minds.

Objective 1

Craft a messaging strategy for Peddie that accurately conveys the transformational nature of a Peddie education and demonstrates the value of that experience to those outside the school, with a near term focus on:

  • Connecting the mission and values of the school to our constituents through a clear articulation of our brand ideal that connects the experience of Peddie to the fundamental values of those served by the school.
  • Clarifying Peddie's positioning statement to give all Peddie a shared language with which to speak about the unique strengths of the school in order to more clearly express how the Peddie experience distinctly transforms students.
  • Articulating Peddie's value proposition within the marketplace.
The community at Peddie challenged me to become a better version of myself. It is because of this institution that I have made important strides toward being a better student, friend and global citizen. Emma Becker '16

Action steps

  • Define and develop metrics needed to support Peddie's value proposition in the areas of personal growth, academic proficiency, entrepreneurial citizenship and moral leadership.

Engage a marketing firm to assist us with conducting market research and clarify messaging; develop a targeted and measurable marketing and communications strategy.

Engage the Peddie Leadership Council as an advisory group for marketing efforts.

Objective 2

Commit to a comprehensive and consistent marketing and communications strategy to communicate our clarified message.

Action steps

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing communications materials.
  • Adjust allocation of resources to effectively implement strategy.
  • Identify best industry metrics for measuring success.

Launch newly designed website by summer 2017.

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