Strategic Priorities for the Next Generation


What kind of school do we want Peddie to be in 20 years?

Inspired by the confidence of our motto, "We finish our labors to begin them anew," in 20 years we want Peddie to serve its students as well or better than it is now. Looking ahead from a position of strength, and proud of Peddie's culture of innovation and improvement, our strategic plan supports that culture and inspires continued progress. Considering our opportunities, our record of innovation, the challenges facing independent education and the changing expectations of families and colleges, we have established four strategic priorities and the implementation steps needed to achieve them. We are committed to these historically important Peddie hallmarks: transformational education, outstanding teaching, curricular innovation and enrollment of students with the greatest excitement, curiosity and character.

Building upon 25 years of successful innovation, Peddie is uniquely positioned to begin our labors anew.

Finimus pariter renovamusque labores: We finish our labors to begin them anew.


Strategic Priority #1: Excellence

Strategic Priority #2: Access

Strategic Priority #3: Fiscal Sustainability

Strategic Priority #4: Our Story