Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


The Diversity mural (above), designed and painted by Peddie students, is proudly displayed in the Student Center. It was inspired by the variety of cultures, backgrounds and nationalities represented at Peddie.

The Peddie School embraces the sustained and ongoing work of making our community inclusive, safe and welcoming for all of our students and adults.

We are committed to the intellectual, social and moral growth of each of our students; we intentionally craft an educational community of individuals with diverse talents and backgrounds and we inspire each of our students to strive for the highest quality of citizenship.

The vision of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) team is to:

  • recognize and address systemic inequities;
  • incorporate more just and equitable structures, practices and policies;
  • foster a strong sense of belonging for all community members;
  • provide community members the care, guidance and resources they need to thrive;
  • and build a culturally responsive pedagogy.

To achieve this mission, Peddie seeks to remove every barrier to access, equity and safety for every member of our school. Each day, we work toward a more inclusive, antiracist and open community. And thus, we begin our labors anew.

A Message from the Director


A part of engaging in DEI work is understanding and navigating the relationship between the personal, interpersonal, and systemic. It’s creating and holding space for our individual stories, recognizing that we all have our own lived experiences that we carry with us. It’s acknowledging our interconnectedness as people navigating different communities and identities, and remembering that how we treat each other, see each other, and hear each other matters. It’s realizing that we all have inherited systems that were created before any of us were born, and that these systems have been designed to lift some of us up while keeping (and pushing) some of us down. Leaning into diversity, equity, and inclusion work is reconciling with all of these truths, acknowledging that multiple things can be true, and remembering that we can and do have the capacity to care about it all. 

We see increasing and supporting cultural diversity as a priority. We understand the importance of inclusion and belonging in and out of the classroom.  We know that equity requires a reframing of needs and access. Without the enthusiasm, support, and diligence of this community, this work would not be possible. It is our community’s desire to grow and learn with one another that helps us embrace the challenges of this work. It is also our community’s desire to connect and embrace each other that makes the work so rewarding. 

As we strive for the highest quality of citizenship, we embrace the challenges and triumphs of becoming a more informed, involved, and aware community. 

AIM Recommendations

Beginning in Winter 2020, Peddie conducted the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM) in an effort to evaluate and understand more deeply the climate of inclusion on our campus. Students, parents, faculty and staff, alumni and trustees were invited to participate in a survey, and Peddie's AIM committee received the results in May of 2020. Following are the recommendations based on the results of the AIM survey:

  • Provide the DDEI with the necessary resources and support. 
  • Implement an institution-wide reporting and accountability system for bullying, teasing and unjust, prejudiced, or discriminatory interactions.
  • Increase the structural diversity of faculty, staff, administrators and trustees to represent the diversity of the student body.
  • Demonstrate a sustained commitment to DEI by reserving time and space to have ongoing conversations and to provide community members with the common vocabulary/tools necessary to engage fully.
  • Evaluate and improve campus-facilitated interactions, advising/teaching practices and curriculum to ensure diverse representation, equity and inclusion.
  • Expand campus wellness efforts to include ongoing community programming focused on wellness and student concerns.
  • Evaluate and modify our physical plant, programs and school communications to provide an equitable, welcoming and validating experience for non-binary and LGBTQIA+ community members.
  • Revise the strategic plan to include a section specifically focused on DEI initiatives.

Meet the team

Diku Rogers

Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, English Teacher

Kari Hart Ph.D.

Teacher, Institutional Researcher, DEI Coordinator for Employees

Everett Nelor

Assistant Director of College Counseling, DEI Coordinator for Families and Alumni

Morgan Spivey

Teacher, DEI Coordinator for Students
2021-2022 Initiatives

Welcome Program

Pre-orientation programming is available for students who hold historically underrepresented identities in independent school.

DEI Councils

Student DEI Council
Employee DEI Council
DEI Alumni Advisory Council

All-Gender Housing

An additional residential option is available where students of any gender identity or expression reside together.


One full class day each term is dedicated to intentional community programming, reflection and connection.

Bias Response Program

Reporting system and protocol has been implemented for bias incidents with a focus on accountability and restorative practices.

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups provide spaces for folks who share a common identity or experience to gather, connect, celebrate and collaborate.

Ongoing goals

  • Increase the structural diversity of faculty, staff, administrators and trustees to reflect the diversity of the student body.
  • Conduct a DEI curricular assessment across academic departments
  • Provide structured DEI training and programming each term
  • Ensure that all community members understand Peddie's DEI vision and their role in achieving it.


Affinity groups


“As we strive for the highest quality of citizenship, we embrace the challenges and triumphs of becoming a more informed, involved, and aware community.” 

diku  rogers, director of diversity, equity and inclusion



Peddie is committed to the creation of a deeply diverse community woven together with the common attributes of excitement, curiosity and character. In both our admission process and our hiring practices, we actively seek individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, ideas, histories and ambitions.

Academic programming

In and outside of the classroom, members of our community elevate and hear diverse perspectives. Our faculty strive to stay sharp, current and invested in issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in society, literature, history, math and the sciences and seek out opportunities for internal and external professional development with such issues in mind. Individual departments audit curriculum regularly with a focus on representation of diversity in all forms.

Student Life

Affinity groups, made up of community members with a common identifier of heritage or orientation (e.g., race, gender, religion, etc.) are a critical part of Peddie student life, empowering students and families as they prepare to engage deeply with others on campus. Affinity groups affirm students and families who identify with each of these backgrounds within the larger context of our diverse community. Members of each group can speak to the experience of the group from the "I" perspective. 

The Latest

Guest speaker Imani Barbarin leads the Peddie community in a conversation about disability.

On its first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Day of 2022, the Peddie community took a deep dive into ability with keynote speaker Imani Barbarin and a workshop with Christina Irene.

David Mitchell and Arthur Brown

In 1959, David Mitchell '63 and his classmate Arthur Brown '63 became friends. The two forged a bond that has lasted for over 60 years and inspired Arthur and his wife, Jo, to build a legacy that will live long beyond them. 

March 2021 DEI Progress Report

Continuing its work towards making the Peddie experience as inclusive and equitable as possible, Head of School Peter Quinn provided an update on the school's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work to date. 

Diku Rogers '12 and Head of School Peter Quinn

Peddie is doing more to advance diversity, equity and inclusion on campus.

October 2020 DEI Progress Report

Continuing its work towards making the Peddie experience as inclusive and equitable as possible, Head of School Peter Quinn provided an update on the school's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work to date. 

Members of the first coed class

On the 50th anniversary of Peddie returning to coed, alumnae recalled difficult, sometimes isolating, but also illuminating experiences on campus

UNC statue

Regan Cook '19 shares how she helped research legal avenues for the removal of a Confederate statue on the UNC campus.

Peddie presents "The Laramie Project"

Peddie students staged an emotional production of “The Laramie Project” in October, a show the theater department called a valuable play that opened up many conversations on campus.