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Shani Peretz

Shani Peretz

Teacher and Director of STEM EXP Signature Experience
B.S., Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D., Yale University

Shani Peretz joined the Science Department in 2005 and founded the Research Science Signature Program (EXP). Prior to joining Peddie, she earned her Ph.D. from Yale University and worked to set up clinical cancer research trials. Currently, Peretz serves as director of the Research Science Signature Experience (EXP). She also advises the Peddie Environmental and Sustainability Team (PEST) Learn why Peretz loves teaching even more than she loves science.

My hope for all my students is not that they all become scientists. I want them all to be challenged. I want them to work really, really hard at something. To be comfortable being uncomfortable, to understand that discomfort is part of the growth process. And then I want them to see just how successful they can be when they put true effort into a goal.