Hanging at the Grille. Big games. Dorm cookouts. Concerts. Plays. Museum trips. The Peddie News. Haunted hayrides. Late-night snowball fights (no experience necessary). DVDs from the library. Music blasting out of dorm windows as Frisbees fly. Or maybe you're reading on Center Campus as sunshine filters down through bright green leaves and tempts you to put down that book - but you don't because it's really interesting.

At Peddie you learn alongside some of the brightest and most talented students in the world, from some of the best teachers in the world. You'll be part of a warm and welcoming community that reaches for nothing less than excellence.

What happens when you spend some of the most exciting years of your life with some of the brightest, warmest, most talented people you will ever meet? About what you'd expect: You find friends that you will never lose.

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Boarding student life

In significant ways, Peddie is family. Ninety percent of our faculty and their families live on campus, acting as role models and also getting to know students as individuals. Twice each week, family-style dinners bring the students, adults and children of our community together for a meal and conversation. Other events - including community meetings and the Chapel program - punctuate the week with home-like rhythms.

Day student Life

Community life is vibrant at Peddie. From day one, students become increasingly immersed with friends from many groups - the team, the dorm, the performance group, the lab. With full access to the dining hall, gym and Saturday night activities, it is often difficult to distinguish day students from boarders. While day students are free to make use of dorm lounges for studying or relaxing, there are also several options for free time - including the library, the Masland room, and a variety of study and lounge areas around the campus.
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