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  • Time to PURGE!!

    The great Peddie Purge will happily accept ANY unwanted items as you are cleaning out your room or locker!  Place items in the labeled boxes found in every dorm and outside your lockers.  Excluding your trash, we will take it all!  From lamps and rugs to linens, ​ 1/3 full shampoo bottles, school supplies, magazines, hangers AND MORE!  We will even recycle your notebooks, broken electronics, plastic bags, clothes and shoes that are torn.  Anything that has been donated is FREE to a good home, but is not to be resold for profit​!  All purge items left over will be donated to local charities.

    Purgeable items and where they go
  • Note about purchasing used books for next year

    Tis the season to be selling/buying used books!

    The following courses will be changing books for next year, so students planning on enrolling in these courses should not purchase used books from students who took the course this year:

    Advanced Topics in Chemistry
    AP Chemistry
    Chem Quant/Honors
    Spanish 4
    Musicianship I (used copies are not allowed in this course, as the text is a workbook)

    Students may purchase books for English courses, but there is no guarantee that the same books will be taught year after year. Hamlet will be taught in senior English and The Great Gatsby and The Blue Star will be used in sophomore English. Otherwise, teachers have the option to choose books, and these choices may vary from year to year.

    See Mr. Dubrule if you have questions about purchasing a used book.
  • Spring term exam schedule

    Spring term exams for freshmen, sophomores and juniors will be held from Monday, May 29 through Wednesday, May 31.

    Exam Schedule
  • Update on car permission

    If parents/guardians did not complete a permission slip or submitted one late, car permission for the student is designated to the most restrictive option. Extra car permission slips are available in the Deans' office.

    Students are expected to get written car permission from any faculty member before getting into a car, and must have their ID cards with them to request permission. Written car permission can only be given in person - faculty members will not text car permission.
  • Instructions for students wishing to sign out off campus (and their parents)

    Students: Please review instructions for signing out using Reach. Dorm supervisors will review the process with you this week.

    Parent/guardian: If your child is signing out for the weekend, you will receive an email requesting that you approve your child's plan.

    Once parent/guardian approves a student's leave, that student MUST click the green box underneath the SISO (Sign in/Sign out) widget. IF THIS STEP IS NOT COMPLETED, PARENT/GUARDIAN WILL RECEIVE A LATE NIGHT PHONE CALL.

    If your plans change, notify the dorm supervisor on the dorm faculty member on duty on Friday/Saturday night.
  • Inclement weather information/Register for FalconAlert

    Information about delayed openings and cancellations will be communicated through our website ( and through the FalconAlert text message system to registered cell phones. Since FalconAlert is character-restricted, we will use it to provide only brief information. More detail will be available through follow up emails and on our website.
    If you have not yet registered for FalconAlert register here.  Answers to frequently asked questions about the FalconAlert system may be found at
    There will be days of bad weather when it will be difficult for day students to get to school on time or to attend school at all, even if classes at Peddie remain in session. Day students are welcome to make arrangements to spend an occasional night in the dorm due to inclement weather. 
    We trust you, as our students’ parents and guardians, to determine whether it is safe for your children to travel to school. We urge you to err on the side of caution. If you judge the roads unsafe for driving please call Melanie Clements (609.944.7505) and your children will be excused due to weather conditions. Our faculty will work with your children to help them catch up on any work they miss as a result of weather-related absences.

Our final week with our seniors. Get ready, Class of 2017.

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