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Concussion management information

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters how the brain functions. It can be caused from a direct blow to the head or from an indirect blow to the body that causes movement of the brain within the skull. These injuries can cause loss of consciousness in some cases but most commonly there is no loss of consciousness with injury.
A concussion can cause a variety of signs and symptoms that effect thinking, processing, how you feel, mood, and sleeping habits. These signs and symptoms can last for days, weeks, or months depending on severity of the injury and from person to person.  
Below are some signs/symptoms that could indicate a concussion:
Difficulty thinking clearly
Sleeping more
Taking longer than usual to process information
Blurred vision
Sleeping less
Difficulty concentrating
Trouble sleeping
Difficulty remembering new material
Feeling tired
Feeling slowed down
Balance issues
Low energy
Sensitivity to noise or light
(Adapted from Center of Disease Control and Prevention)

ImPACT Concussion tool

Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing, widely known as ImPACT, is a tool used for all students enrolled at Peddie as a baseline evaluation tool used in the event of  a possible traumatic brain injury. Every student is ImPACT baseline tested every two years. This concussion management tool is used in combination with other evaluation tools to provide individualized neurocognitive baseline and post injury assessments. ImPACT results are read and interpreted by Peddie School physician when determining need for accommodations and readiness for return to physical activity. More information about ImPACT can be found at       
If you suspect yourself or a teammate has suffered a possible concussion:
  • Immediately remove yourself or teammate from play
  • Immediately notify an athletic trainer or health center nurse
  • Immediately notify a coach if an athletic trainer is not present on the sideline
Evaluation of possible Concussion by Athletic Trainers includes:
  1. Any loss of consciousness (LOC) student is immobilized and EMS called immediately
  2. No LOC - Student is removed from play
  3. Subjective Questioning
  4. Testing Neurological Functions
  5. Testing Cranial Nerves
  6. Testing Balance & Proprioception
  7. Testing Motor Skills
  8. Completion of SCAT 2 Evaluation Tool
  9. Refer to Health Center for further evaluation and initiation into Peddie TBI/Concussion Procedures
After school physician gives clearance for Exertion Testing Protocol
  1. Athletic Trainers monitor student through Exertion Testing Protocol
  2. Notify Health Center nurses upon completion of Exertion Testing Protocol
  3. Peddie school physician gives final clearance for non-restricted activity
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