Leonard Ross Virtual Exhibit

“Leonard Ross: Photographs of Social Change”
Original exhibition at Mariboe Art Gallery at Peddie School - June 1-7, 2012
From Curator Daniel S. Palmer:
Leonard Ross (1927-2008) was a distinguished photographer whose documentation of Bethlehem Steel Company construction projects was exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. In his earliest photographs of local subjects, taken in New York City and central New Jersey, he quickly displayed a true sensitivity for the medium. His mentor, the renowned artist Ben Shahn, imparted the valuable techniques he used to warmly depict his subjects. Ross’ concern for the people he photographed was fostered by his membership in the Photo League, a cooperative of socially engaged photographers, which he formally joined in 1947. Through this association, he was influenced by many of America’s most important photographers. Together, they shared the deeply felt belief that the camera had the power to transform society. Accordingly, this exhibition of an understudied photographer is produced with the hopes of inspiring the next generation of budding artists to look more closely at the world around them.
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