Kurt and Heather Drstvensek '97
Peddie Fund Co-Chairs 2010-2012

We support Peddie so that the school's traditions and excellence continue, and believe it is important to give back because the school has given so much to us. We received a superior education, had amazing life experiences and formed lasting friendships. We give so that current and future students have the opportunity to learn and grow within this exceptional community.
Sarah Masland-Fatherree '03
At Peddie I learned the true meaning of the word community. Whether I was in class being instructed by the passionate faculty members, or on the field playing in a game of dorm softball, I was always engaged, growing, and learning. Here, I was inspired by the faculty and staff, as well as my peers, to discover my passions and to think creatively. My four years at Peddie were some of the best years of my life, and I still feel "at home" when I think of campus. I appreciate how fortunate I was to have been able to be a part of this wonderful community, and I give so that others can share in this experience. Ala Viva!!
Jackie Shoback '84

I give to Peddie because I view it as an investment in building and sustaining excellence for the future. Having benefited greatly from the Peddie experience, I am keenly aware of the impact and return my contribution can have on students at such an important point in their lives. I like to think my contribution enables kids to realize and access their potential-- something special about the Peddie Community that is hard to replicate.
Amir Ingram '98

I know that regardless of whether it is only the $25 I gave when I first graduated from college or the more substantial amounts I continue to give as my means increase, every single dollar helps my alma mater to solidify itself as the best boarding school in the country, and to provide future students with the same wonderful experience and pride I am so fortunate to have. That is why I've contributed to the Annual Fund every year.
Brian Grossman '04

I participate in the Peddie Fund to stay connected to the community that provided me with a rich experience full of challenges, achievements and lifelong friends. I enjoy supporting Peddie's unique tradition that I recall fondly
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