Peddie Fund

First established as the Loyalty Fund in 1945 by dedicated alumni, today the Peddie Fund is the primary avenue for alumni, parents and friends to provide unrestricted financial support annually to Peddie School.

About the Peddie Fund

What is the Peddie Fund?
Since 1945, contributions to the Peddie Fund have provided resources which support the general operating budget. Peddie Fund gifts are available in the year in which they are donated, allowing faculty and staff to take advantage of new and immediate opportunities to enrich academic and campus life.

How does the Peddie Fund benefit Peddie?
Because Peddie Fund revenue is unrestricted, money can be used when and where it is needed most. Tuition covers only 58% of the real cost of a Peddie education and the Peddie Fund helps do the rest. You can see evidence of this in virtually all areas of the school – providing sports equipment to our athletic teams, science supplies to our students, books for the library, wireless connectivity for the campus, music for Vespers, Family Style dinners in the dining hall, funding for the EXP program, costumes and props for the Freshman Musical, buses for prom, and even the costume for our beloved Falcon mascot. Everywhere you look, the Peddie Fund is enhancing the Peddie experience.

Why should I support the Peddie Fund?
Your gift sends a powerful message about the difference Peddie has made in your life. By making a contribution you show that you support Peddie and its mission. Each gift to Peddie, regardless of size, is a meaningful statement about the impact the school has had upon you. By giving back, you help Peddie move forward.

How can I support what matters most to me?
Whether you prefer to support academics, the arts, athletics, community life, faculty & staff support, financial aid or the school’s greatest need, your gift provides critical resources where they’re needed most. By selecting a preference for your gift, you send a clear message about what part of the Peddie experience matters most to you. Gifts to the Peddie Fund are used to offset the general operating budget of the school, ensuring Peddie continues its 150-year tradition of excellence.

I want to make a large gift. What do I do?
Peddie relies on leadership level support to have the resources available to educate students for lives of leadership and service. Leadership level gifts ensure continued growth and provide students, faculty and staff the advantages of ongoing innovative and ground breaking opportunities. Please contact Mary Tennyson Mahoney ’94 at 609-944-7613 to learn more about how your gift can help Peddie today.

What if I can’t make a large gift?
Your participation is as important as the amount of your gift. Did you know that alumni participation is a factor in ranking schools? By making your gift, no matter the size, you help to strengthen the Peddie community and the value of a Peddie education. In 2012-2013 gifts of $100 or less totaled $89,863 in support of Peddie, providing immediate and critical support where it was needed most. 

How can I make a gift today?
Visit us online to make your gift by credit card or click here for information on mailing a check, contributing by stock, or to get more information about matching gifts.

2016-17 Goals

Peddie Fund Goal: $2,000,000
Alumni Participation Goal:  25%
Parent Participation Goal:  65%

My experience at Peddie was nothing short of transformative. I am deeply grateful to the faculty who helped me grow as a student, athlete and person. It was my most valuable educational experience. I give to Peddie in order to enable future students to have the opportunity given to me. 

Tracey Wetmore '97
Peddie Fund Co-Chair

Peddie is truly a unique place. I find myself often reflecting on my own experience at Peddie and realizing that it shaped my perspective and worldview in ways unfathomable at the time. For this, I am incredibly grateful.

Jack Harris '94
Peddie Fund Co-Chair
201 South Main Street
Hightstown, NJ 08520-3349
Phone Number: 609-944-7500
Fax Number: 609-944-7901