Digital Fabrication Laboratory
Peddie Robotics participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition - an international organization which uses competitive robotics as a vehicle for promoting science and technology.  Under strict rules, limited resources, and time limits, the team builds and programs a large 120 lb robot to compete in an open ended design challenge.  The team designs and builds the robot during the Winter term, and attends local and international competitions during the Spring term.

The team works out of the new Digital Fabrication Lab - a purpose-built 3400 square foot building.  The engineering lab features advanced fabrication capabilites - including a CNC mill, CNC laser, and 3D printer.  The robotics studio serves as a dedicated FRC practice field.

Subteams: Mentors:
Engineering Team Scott Meredith, Peddie School
Programming Team Kevin Brown, Peddie School
Business & Finance Team Mark Sawula, Peddie School
Marketing & Graphic Design Team Imad Labban, Peddie School
Michael Van Glahn, ACME Plastics
Antonio Papa, Princeton University '17

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Team Members

Srinidhi Baile '19
Victor Capuzzo '19
Beatrice Casey '18
Daniel Cheng '19
Mariam Gadzhimagomedova '17
Sonal Gupta '18
Trung Ha '18
Cameron Hochberg '17
Julia Hu '17
Sruthi Kocherlakota '19
Will Kraft '20
Arthur Lewis '19
Briana Macedo '18
Gianna Madaio '17
Christina Maffattone '18
Luis Martinez '17
Matt Mayger '18
Catherine Phillips '19
Trevor Russo '17
Brian Sandker '17
Maya Sim '19
Vivian Sun '18
Rhoit Suresh '19
Jesse Wallace '18
Alan Wang '19
Jerry Wang '18
Masayuki Yanagiba '17
Lucy Yao '20
Joe Yuan '17
Christina Chen '18
Helen Chu '19
Tuan Dang '17
Nick Gordon '18
Sach Iyer '17
Jack Johnson '17
Trevor Kraws '17
Daria Kuiantseva '19
William Ma '17
Matt Saker '17
Jack Spencer '17
Aimee Wiencek '18

Faculty Advisors

List of 4 members.

  • Scott Meredith 

    Teacher, Digital Fabrication Lab Director
    The College of New Jersey - B.S.
  • Kevin Brown 

    Cooper Union - B.E.
  • Mark Sawula 

    Princeton University - A.B.
    College of New Jersey - M.A.T.
  • Imad Labban 

    Duke University - B.S.
    University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School - M.B.A.
201 South Main Street
Hightstown, NJ 08520-3349
Phone Number: 609-944-7500
Fax Number: 609-944-7901