It’s no secret that colleges and universities seek students with special talents who have demonstrated excellence as artists, musicians or athletes. Talent alone will not “get you in” to any particular institution, but will be looked at in relation to your academic strength, personal qualities and potential for success at that college. Here are some tips for students who would like to pursue their special talent at the college level:
  • Put together a resume that highlights academic and athletic/musical/artistic talents. Please see examples in appendix.
  • Have a frank discussion with parents, teachers, coaches and college counselor about finding the right fit in terms of academic achievement and talent level in your particular field.
  • Artists should see their visual arts teacher about putting together a portfolio. The Art Department sponsors a trip to a portfolio day every fall, during which people from art schools across the country give advice and evaluation on your portfolio. It’s a great opportunity to get feedback on your work and to learn about different schools.
  • Musicians should put together a cd or file and check with colleges on their procedure for sending in audition material. Sometimes the individual departments get this material, sometimes admissions wants a copy. See your college counselor for direction.
  • Athletes should have some kind of game film available for coaches to view. See your coach for more help with this. Also, Peddie coaches are a great resource for communicating with college coaches and advocating on your behalf if you are being looked at by a particular athletic program.
  • While you may be the best player, painter, or singer at Peddie, this is a small pond. As you aspire to the next level, understand that there will be many students as good or better than you are. Realistically, very few students get full scholarships for their special talents.

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