Preliminary SAT (PSAT)/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT)

The PSAT is administered in October. Every member of the sophomore and junior classes will take the exam at Peddie. Additional information is available through the College Board's web site ( or in booklets available in the College office or Registrar's office.


Students should register for these tests online.
Growing more popular with each year, the ACT provides a wonderful alternative to the SAT. Many colleges and universities will take the ACT in lieu of the SAT Reasoning Test and Subject Tests. More and more students are submitting only the ACT for college admission consideration and so it has become an essential test to add to the testing portfolio. The exam must be taken with writingTo register or obtain more information:
SAT & Subject Tests

SAT Reasoning Test (formerly SAT I)
We strongly encourage all juniors to take the SAT Reasoning Test in January. We feel it is important for students to take the SAT Reasoning Test three times, and the earlier date will allow for SAT Subject Tests and for any unexpected circumstances that may arise later. Taking the test three times is a rule of thumb, but certainly not a mandate. Discuss with your college counselor the relative merits of taking the test more or fewer times.

SAT Subject Tests (formerly SAT II)
Every spring, students will take the SAT Subject Tests. These are one hour exams given and the conclusion of specific courses. In recent years, we recommended that students take these tests when they and their teachers felt it appropriate. 

Registration for SAT I & II
    • ALL students must have an admission ticket and photo ID to be admitted
  • When registering:
    • Use the same name as you used on an earlier registration 
    • Enter your Social Security number. (Memorize this because you will need it often.)
    • Our high-school code number is 310-535 
    • Your test center code is 31-367 if you want to take it at Hightstown High School. Other school codes can be found on the College Board web site
    • Boarders should use the Peddie address (Peddie School, 201 South Main Street, Hightstown N.J. 08520-3349). Day students should use home addresses
To register or obtain more information:


The TOEFL is a computer-based test given at off-campus sites for students whose first language is not English. Each student is responsible for scheduling his or her own TOEFL testing. Students should take the TOEFL during the summer before their Senior year.

To register or obtain more information:
The Standardized Testing Guide should answer most of your testing questions. If questions remain, please contact the college office at
201 South Main Street
Hightstown, NJ 08520-3349
Phone Number: 609-944-7500
Fax Number: 609-944-7901