About Us


Guided by the confidence of our motto, “We Finish Our Labors to Begin Them Anew,” Peddie School is committed to the intellectual, social, and moral growth of each of our students. We welcome individuals with diverse talents and backgrounds whose excitement, curiosity and character create an educational community where passion for learning grows. With enthusiasm, humor, and patience, we challenge our students to reach beyond their expectations and to define success by the progress they make. In this boarding school environment we not only prepare our students for the rigors and rewards of college, but also inspire each to strive for the highest quality of citizenship.


The path to a fulfilling and happy life requires the steady practice of enduring values:
  • RESPECT- esteem and appreciation for oneself, for others, and for the diversity of opinions and backgrounds at Peddie and in the larger community
  • HONESTY - devotion to truth, sincerity in action, and a commitment to integrity and honor
  • SCHOLARSHIP - intellectual curiosity, ownership of learning, and a secure foundation in the academic disciplines
  • BALANCE- attention to mind, body, and spirit; time for work and play; a mix of mastery and experiment in academic, athletic, artistic and community pursuits
  • COURAGE - the resilience to learn from error, the grace to receive and give help, the strength to develop an open mind, the resolve to make difficult decisions, and the confidence to become enlightened and compassionate adults.
Approved by the Faculty and the Board of Trustees, May 2015
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