Athletic Department & Facilities

Athletics are an important element of the balanced curriculum at Peddie, which works to advance the mission of the school. The Athletic Department is committed to the “intellectual, social and moral growth of our students” and strives to challenge our student-athletes to reach for levels of personal achievement not previously attempted or attained. We believe that athletics are an extension of the classroom, providing many opportunities for students to learn more about themselves as well as the value of sports. Students learn to make a commitment, to work toward a goal, to respect themselves and others, and to appreciate the importance of physical well being. Through participation in sports, students learn sportsmanship, discipline, personal integrity, teamwork, time management and perseverance: qualities that will assist them in achieving success throughout their lives.

The Peddie Athletic program provides opportunities for our students to develop their talents and to undertake new challenges. We encourage our athletes to try a new sport for the first time or to sharpen their talents in an area of established interest. On an individual level, athletic participation helps develop respect for one’s own physical courage and emotional achievement while enabling student-athletes to develop already recognized talents and challenges them to reach for new levels of achievement through sport. In the unique setting of a team, participation in athletics enables students to work collaboratively, physically, mentally and emotionally. Student-athletes learn how to depend upon each other and be responsible to their teammates. Together, they learn to compete, to struggle, to endure, to succeed, to lose and to win.

The Athletic program at Peddie provides student-athletes and teams opportunities to grow and mature at appropriate levels. We strive to present a range of offerings that allow all students to participate in a comprehensive athletic program with a variety of levels of competition and experiences, either interscholastically or through the Physical Activities program. These offerings challenge our students to set personal goals and work toward the realization of these goals.
Jim Domoracki
Director of Athletics
Vassar College - B.A.
University of Massachusetts - M.S.

Will Sodano
Assistant Director of Athletics

Beth Bright
Aquatics Director

Ann Gartner
Administrative Assistant

Robin Gerber
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Bloomsburg University - B.S.
Seton Hall University - M.S.

Douglas Mariboe
Sports Information Coordinator
University of Vermont - B.S.

Jose Roca
Head Athletic Trainer
Castleton State - B.S.

Michael Volkmar
Strength & Conditioning Coach
The George Washington University - M.S.
Le Moyne College - B.A.

Greg Wriede
Director of Competitive Swimming; Head Coach, Peddie School and Peddie Aquatics Association
609 944-7547
Harvard University - BA