Signature Experience at Peddie


The Signature Experience at Peddie affords Peddie juniors and seniors the opportunity to pursue in-depth academic and co-curricular passions that promote their intellectual, social, and moral growth. Students can participate in signature programs in several ways: through intensive summer programs or study over a longer period of time, or through in-depth courses of study housed within or between academic departments. All signature experiences stress both collaboration with mentors and original, independent work. Ultimately, these programs help our students realize their potential as young thinkers and leaders. In 2013-14, more than 70 students participated in one of our signature programs.

Research Science Signature Experience

The Research Science Signature Experience supports independent student research, helping upper-level students pursue their scientific interests and encouraging them to consider careers in science-related fields. Students may apply to the program during sophomore year.

This program is a cooperative educational experience for some of Peddie’s most engaged and talented science students, combining course work done at Peddie during the junior and senior years with “real world” summer laboratory experience. Students perform at least six weeks of laboratory work during the summer between junior and senior year, and communicate weekly with program faculty and each other. Students have performed research at schools including Princeton, Yale, MIT, Duke, the University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia, as well as in private labs. Their work ranges from material science to molecular biochemistry to computer programming. Many students have had their work published by their lab, and some choose to return to the lab in following summers. All students return to campus as experts in their fields and present research posters at a Fall Research Symposium.

Summer Signature Experience

The Summer Signature Experience enables a select group of students to spend three to six weeks of the summer before their senior year pursuing their passions and intellectual interests.

Freed from some of the limits of school and geography, students can experiment or explore a specific interest, using the world as their classroom in innovative ways. Whether that interest is academic, artistic, spiritual, humanitarian or political in nature, the distinguishing element in a successful signature project is its independent quality. Under the guidance of a faculty director, selected students spend the winter and spring developing an intellectual grounding for their project. Whether experiencing and studying the communal life of Roman Catholic nuns in northern New Jersey, developing microfinance projects in the Philippines, creating a functioning aquaponics system on Peddie’s campus, designing robots in a Johns Hopkins lab, teaching disadvantaged children in Nsawam, Ghana, or composing music in a cabin in the Maine woods, the Summer Signature Experience results in a uniquely and personally designed project that becomes an integral part of a student’s academic and life experience.

Asian Studies Signature Experience

In this era of rapid change, in which understanding the societies, histories and cultures of other nations is a prerequisite — not a privilege — of a first-class education, Peddie takes seriously our responsibility to graduate accomplished students who understand the complexities of globalization.

Thus, the overarching goal of the Asian Studies Signature Experience is to provide students with a coherent, linked course of study integrating language, history and travel, which enables them to develop a clear understanding of the geopolitical, economic and cultural issues of a wide variety of Asian countries. Advanced offerings in Mandarin, electives focusing on Asian history, culture, religion and politics, an established sister-school relationship with EFZ Shanghai, a variety of academically-themed trips to other Asian destinations, and a culminating research project informed by student travel experiences further enable students to develop an individualized, comprehensive program specifically tailored to their interests.

Creative Writing Signature Experience

The Creative Writing Signature Experience allows passionate writers an opportunity to hone and explore their craft by pursuing a balanced approach that includes individual creative writing electives, summer work, and club and literary magazine leadership. The experience culminates in a senior year-long project in which the writers edit a collection of their own work and host a reading of their portfolios before an audience. The focus of the work follows a self-designed line of inquiry that addresses essential questions identified by each student.

Arts Signature Experience

Participants in the Arts Signature Experience are encouraged to develop their passion for music, drama or visual arts through a sequence of elective classes and extracurricular activities culminating in a public performance or exhibition in their senior year. Inspired by field trips to museums, concert halls, and theaters, as well as by on-campus exhibits, performances, lectures and workshops by visiting professionals, these young artists broaden their academic studies at Peddie with original, independent work in their chosen field of the arts.
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